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The Ultrawaves Reactors can be usefully employed for the following:

Aerobic or anaerobic stabilisation of sewage sludge or biomass
  • Intensifying the degradation process
  • Reducing time required for treatment
  • Reducing digester tank volume necessary
  • Reducing quantity of sludge/biosolids to be disposed of
  • Increasing exploitable biogas production
  • Improved dewatering capability
Combating foaming and bulking sludge
  • Preventing flotation by destroying the filamentous bacteria causing it
  • Improved settling of sludge
  • Avoiding foaming in the digestion process
Biological elimination of nitrogen (denitrification)
  • Production of internal carbon sources
  • No need to purchase external substrates
Disinfection of "murky media" (wastewater, industrial water, waste sludge)
  • A new procedure using ultrasound in combination with ultraviolet light is about to be introduced
Options for sewage sludge disintegration


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