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Improvement of anaerobic sludge stabilization by ultrasound technology

Brief Snapshot of the Plant

  • Design Capacity: 46,000 PE
  • Actual loading: 55,000 PE
  • Biological waste water treatment: P-Elimination, intermittent denitrification, downstream P-precipitation by Fe(3+), secondary clarification
  • Sludge treatment: No primary sludge, thickened waste activated sludge
  • Separate waste activated sludge thickening: static thickening
  • Aerobic sludge stabilisation: sludge age 15 20 days
  • Volatile solids (VS): 75% VS as per cent of dry solids (before preliminary trial)
  • Digested sludge dewatering: Centrifuge
  • Sludge conditioning: Calciumcarbonat added
  • Sludge disposal: Agriculture


Objective of the ultrasound disintegration system

  • Improvement of aerobic sludge stabilization, avoid the construction of a additional aerobic tank
  • Combat bulking sludge


Preliminary trial of the ultrasound disintegration system

  • Test phase of three months (December 2002 February 2003)
  • 30% of the total TWAS flow were treated with 1 ULTRAWAVES US unit 5kW, operating 24 hours per day. The treated TWAS was returned to the aerobic tank


Scheme of sludge treatment on Leinetal WTTP


Results of the preliminary trial

  • Intensified aerobic sludge stabilization
    - 20% reduction of sludge amount for diposal
  • Combat bulking sludge
    - Destruction of the bulking sludge
    - Reduction of the sludge volume index from 140 ml/g to 85 ml/g


Thickened waste activated sludge mass for disposal


Full-scale Installation

Since June 2003 the ULTRAWAVES ultrasonic system is implemented on Leinetal WWTP.


Payback time

Based on these results, payback time of total investment costs is calculated with less than three years.The construction of an additional aerobic tank could be avoided.


Installed Ultrasonic Reactor

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