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Farming Biogas Plant Wegener 

Improvement of anaerobic digestion by ultrasound technology

Brief snapshot of the plant

  • Electrical power: 700 kW, 1,100 kW (since January 2010)
  • Feed of the plant: 6% Corn, 63% Maize, 5% Manure (turkey hen), 26% Liquid manure (cattle)
  • Total amount of substrate: 48.3 t fresh substrate per day, 14.3 oven dryed ton per day
  • Production of biogas: 8,667 m/d
  • Stromproduktion:16,434 kWh/d
  • Conveyanse: push floor + pump, the contribution of the feed is aided by recirculation of the digester content
  • Primary digester (PD): 2 tanks 1,300 m
  • Secondary digestior (SD): 2 tanks 1,300 m, 1 tank 2,300 m
  • Hydraulic retention time: >100 d
  • Final storage for digastate: 1 tank 2,300 m
  • Digastate: Digastate is used as dung


Objective of the ultrasound disintegration system

  • Increase of biogas production
  • Reduction of feed
  • Higher working load of the generator


Installation of the Ultrawaves ultrasound disintegration system

  • Installation in November 2008
  • 30% (36 m/d) of recirculated biomass of the secondary digester is treated by ultrasound and is pumped into the primary digester
  • The system is operating 24 hours per day in a 2 hours alternating mode

Installation of the ultrasound disintegration


Results of the ultrasound treatment

  • Increase of biogas production
  • Reduction of daily feeded susbtrat
  • Higher working load of the generator

Results of the ultrasound treatment



Implementing of a 2nd Ultrawaves ultrasound system is intended for the end of 2010


Installed ULTRAWAVES ultrasound system


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