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Here you can download (PDF) publications issued by Ultrawaves.

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conferences


Ultrasound and TOTEX November 2014 19th Technical Paper      19th PowerPoint


How to Overcome Anaerobic Technical Limitations with Ultrasound. November 2013 18th Technical Paper      18th PowerPoint


Disintegrating Sludge as Carbon Source for Denitrification. November 2012 17th Technical Paper      17th PowerPoint
European Wastewater Management Conferences and Exhibitions (EWWM)


Control of Bulking Sludge at Kirkby in Ashfield STW October 2014 8th Technical Paper       8th PowerPoint


Sludge Reduction & Biological Nutrient Removal by Ultrasound October 2013 7th Technical Paper       7th PowerPoint


Optimisation of Assets by Ultrasound to Achieve Lowest Operational Costs. October 2012 6th Technical Paper       6th PowerPoint
Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association  (ADBA)
Ultrasonic Disintegration of the Biomass to Boost Anaerobic Digestion Efficiency. July 2013                                      ADBA 2013 PowerPoint
CIWEM West Midlands Innovation Showcase
Control of Bulking Sludge with ultrasound at Kirkby in Ashfield STW December 14

CIWEM 2014 PowerPoint

Sustainability Live Conference 2013    
How to Overcome Anaerobic Technical Limitations with Ultrasound. April 2013

Sustainability Live 2013 PowerPoint

Other Publications

Combatting bulking sludge with ultrasound


Ultrasonic Disintegration of Biosolids –Benefits, Consequences and New Strategies



Combined Wastewater Disinfection Using Ultrasound


The Effect of Ultrasound on Particulate Matter, Especially Micro-organisms in Complex Water and Waste Water Media



Improved wastewater disinfection by ultrasonic pre-treatment



Ultrasonic Disinfection of Wastewater Effluents for High-Quality Reuse



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